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Avon Timber Merchants have teamed up with the country's leading balustrade and stairpart manufacturers to bring you one of the most comprehensive ranges of stairparts available in the Coventry area.




Stairpart Ranges



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Avon Timber offer the whole of the Cheshire Mouldings range of stair parts, so if you can't see what you are looking for just drop us a line and we will provide you with a quote for your stair parts. If you are having difficulty in establishing what you need for your staircase simply contact us and we will help you out, alternatively you can use this STAIR PLANNER service. (Powered by Cheshire Mouldings)


We carry stock of 2 fast selling ranges of Cheshire Mouldings Ltd Stair Parts in our showroom in Coventry, the BenchMark White Primed and the popular BenchMark Pine stair parts.  These ranges are displayed in our showroom with plenty of stock so you can come and collect the items you need, or we can delivery direct to your site within 5 working days.



AXXYS Stair Parts

Square Chamfered Fluted Stair Parts

Turned Stairparts

Quays Stairparts 










Contemporary designs in traditional timbers include Square or Blank with plain square spindles and newels, Double reeded with rebated grooves in the newel posts and spindles and the popular Stop Chamfered range where the posts and spindles have the corners chamfered for added design.

The Traditional Turned range includes the standard colonial posts and spindles with numerous spindle designs such as the Georgian, Jacobean, Latvian and Traditional. Spindles are available in both 32mm and 41mm with matching hand and base rails.

For a more modern look Richard Burbidge ltd launched the Fusion Stairparts range, mixing traditional timbers with sleek Chrome or Brushed Nickel Connectors with glass options. Cheshire Mouldings AXXYS range offers a similar design look, taking the choice one step further offering Traditional Turned Newel Posts and Spindles with subtle chrome or brushed nickel connectors in the AXXYS Solo and AXXYs Origin Ranges. The concept was then enhanced to the very smooth looking AXXYS Evolution range, ClearView Range and and large purspex panels within the AXXYS Clarity range.


Stairpart components


If you need any help in and advice in selecting or fitting your stairparts just phone us on Coventry 02476 214119 email or fax us a plan and we will send you a quote for your stairparts  


Stairpart Timber  


We can offer FSC certificate and PEFC certificate chain of custody on Oak, Hemlock and Pine Stairparts.


Avon Coventry can supply Oak, Pine, Hemlock, Beech, Dark Hardwood (Sapele) stairparts in many different designs just pick the phone up and talk to us about your requirements .


Stair Spindles


Commonly called spindles but sometimes referred to as balusters. Need to be fitted into the hand and baserail using pins and glue. Spindles need to be evenly spaced with a gap no bigger than 100mm between each spindle. The gap in the handrail and baserail between each spindle is filled with a fillet strip or spacer. The fillet strip also hides any glue over-spill or pin heads.Stair Spindles


 Spindles and Bulasters are available in either 32mm or 41mm thicknesses and in either 900mm or 1100mm lengths. 900mm long spindles are used in domestic settings on the rake (up the stairs) and across landings. 1100mm Spindles are used for balconies where you could potentially fall to the ground floor from first floor or used in light commercial stair use. If in any doubt just give us a ring and we will advice



To calculate the number of spindles you need use the following calculation


41mm spindles Stair/ Rake - Count the number of steps you have on your staircase and use 2 spindles per step and take one spindle off at the bottom next to the newel post and one off for the top newel post.  (Use the same equation for 32mm Spindles)

Example 13 Tread Staircase = 13 Steps x 2 Spindles = 26 Spindles - 2 spindles = 24 Spindles required.

41mm Spindles for Straight landing areas - Measure the landing area in mm's and divide by 121 to establish how many spindles you need

Example 1800mm Landing run = 180 / 121 = 14.87 spindles required. Round up to 15 Spindles.

For 32mm Spindles use the same equation but divide by 112.


Newel Posts or Newel Turnings


Newel Posts are used to start off the stair balustrade or rail at the bottom of the stairs and finish it at the top of the staircase. The newel post gives the balustrade its strength and is attached across the string of the stairs by means of glue and screw & plug fixings.

Half Newel Posts are used to finish the balustrade against the wall on the landing run.Newel Post

We offer two types of newel posts, complete newels or newel turnings. The Complete newels are made up of 3 parts, a newel base, a newel turning and a newel cap, all pre-assembled as one unit or as a complete square or stop chamfered newel.

A newel turning is the middle section of the newel post. It has a spigot on the bottom so it can slot into a newel base and a hole in the top to allow a cap to be fitted. Newel Turnings allow the handrail to be attached on one face of the post and leave at another to create right angles, or in and out in a straight line to strengthen the balustrade in a long run.

Intermediate Newel Post



Intermediate newels (Double Header) are used on staircases with winders so the handrail can go in at one height and come out at another. Again these have spigots to join them to a newel base, and a hole in the top to allow for a newel cap.




Stair Hand and Base Rails


Hand rails connect to the newel post heads with either a traditional mortice and tenon joint or using our handrail fixing kit. The hand rails are pre-grooved to accept 41mm or 32mm spindles and come complete with fillet strips/spacers for the spindles.

Base rails are screwed directly to the top of the string up the stairs or onto the landing floor and are  supplied pre-grooved to accept 41mm or 32mm spindles. Base rails come complete with fillet strip to cover the fixing to the string or landing floor and fill the space between spindles.

Handrails can be wall mounted using the hand rail wall brackets to create a handrail running along a wall.


Newel Caps  


Newel caps are used to finish the tops of the newel posts off. Available in Mushroom, Standard Ball and Acorn designs to fit the pre-drilled newel turnings or Flat pyramid caps to fit the square or stop chamfered newel posts.

Our caps are also available in Chrome and Timber mix within the AXXYs Solo Range.


Newel Bases


Newel bases are used to connect the balustrade system to the staircase and are fitted straddling the string at the top and the bottom of the stairs. The newel bases are pre-drilled ready to fix the newel turning to the newel base.


AXXYS Stairparts


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Axxys ClarityAxxys ClearviewAxxys DomesticAxxys Evolution



Axxys Origin

Axxys Solo

Axxys Rail in a Box